Moda Lite

The Moda-Lite collection provides skin-safe, lightweight FR knitted fabrics for layering systems, such as polo shirt, tee-shirt, baselayer, or underwear. It offers safe protection against flame & heat without weight.
As the textiles don’t contain heavy metals, zero formaldehyde release, it’s safer to wearers even if worn every day. Thanks to our experienced textiles processing, these fabrics are engineered to be lightweight, breathable, stretchy. Improved comfortable in comparison with other chemical treated light knit fabrics.

Fabrics are available in jersey, interlock, pique knit, with lightweight and ultra-lightweight edition, And come in regular colors and hi-vis yellow color.

Flame Retardant Jersey Fabric

Single Jersey Type

Garment use:
T Shirt / Polo Shirt / Underwear / Baselayer / FR Accessories

Target field:
Oil & Gas / Utilities / Police / Fire Services / Racing 

Flame Retardant Pique Fabric

Single or Double Pique Type

Garment Use: Polo Shirt / FR Interlining

Target Field: Utilities / Fire Services

Flame Retardant Interlock Fabric

Interlock (Double Jersey) Type

Hi-Vis and Regular color optional

Garment Use: T Shirt / Polo Shirt 

Target Field: Utilities, Construction, Transportation