Multinorms FR Fabric


Our new line of flame-resistant woven fabric, designed to add the increased performance of high-strength, rip-stop grid, arc-rated, global compliance to the protective fabrics. More fabric options to fit the specific needs of the end-user. Rely on our market-driven innovation in R & D, fabrics with new blends are developed each year. They are supplied to clients after tested, widely used for oil & gas, fire services, air force, emergency rescue, etc.

Tech FR AS Twill 100CModacrylic/Viscose190 g/m²147cm
Tech FR AS Twill 100Modacrylic/Cotton/Anti-Static155 g/m², 190 g/m²147cm
Tech FR AS Twill 200Modacrylic/Cotton/Anti-Static240 g/m², 270 g/m²147cm
Tech FR AS Twill 300Modacrylic/Cotton/Anti-Static310 g/m²147cm
Tech FR AS Twill HVO 300Modacrylic/Viscose/Aramid/Polyester/
300 g/m²147cm
Tech FR RipStop 200Modacrylic/Cotton/Nylon240 g/m², 295 g/m²147cm


Flame Retardant Anti-Static Twill Fabric

Twill Type

Garment Use: Jacket / Shirt / Pants / Coverall / Bib Overall

Target field: Oil & Gas / Chemical / Welding / Utility

Flame Retardant Rip-Stop Fabric

Rip-Stop type

Garment use: Shirt / Jacket / Pants / Tactical Uniform

Target Fields: Fire Services / Utilities / Military & Police / Chemical


Flame Retardant Anti-Static Plain Fabric

Plain Type

Garment Use: Shirt / Pants, / Coverall / FR Lining

Target filed: Oil & Gas / Utility

Custom Made Your Fabrics

Our sales reps. would love to help you choose the right fabrics for your specific needs. We are able to custom made fabric to meet your safety protections.