Our new line of flame resistant out shell fabric, designed to add the increased performance of high-strength, rip-stop grid, arc-rated, global compliance to the protective fabrics. More fabric options to fit the specific needs of the end-user. Rely on our market-driven innovation in R & D, fabrics with new blends are developed each year. They are supplied to clients after tested, widely used for oil & gas, fire services, air force, emergency rescue, etc.

Flame Retardant Anti-Static Twill Fabric

Twill type with anti-static threads insert

Garment use: Jacket, Pants, Coverall, Bib Overall

Target Fields: Utilities / Chemical Industry / Welding

Flame Retardant Rip-Stop Fabric

Rip-Stop type

Garment use: Shirt / Jacket / Pants / Tactical Uniform

Target Fields: Fire Services / Utilities / Military & Police / Chemical

Flame Retardant Anti-Static Plain Fabric

Lightweight plain type

Garment use: Shirt / Jacket / Coverall 

Target Fields: Fire Services / Utilities / Oil & Gas / Chemical Industry