Thermal FR Fabric


Moda-Thermo is our range of FR fleece fabrics, which offer added comfort and greater warmth. It combines the warm extension of fleece fabric with FR & Arc-flash resistance for wearers who working outdoors and electrical utilities, complies with IEC 61482, ASTM F1959 HRC 2.

These breathable FR fleece fabrics are available in lightweight and heavyweight edition, standing out in excellent soft hand feel, thermal protection, and high resilience. Our inherent FR fleece fabrics are completely certified in EN11612 and EN1149 PPE standards, giving them adequate safety FR protection and mechanical performance like anti-pilling, colorfastness, dimensional stability.

We also produce these flame retardant fleece fabric in bright yellow, safety orange, or hi-vis yellow color EN20471 compliance.

FR Fleece 200PModacrylic/Cotton/Anti-Static280 g/m² (8.26oz)155cmPolar Fleece
FR Fleece 400PModacrylic/Cotton/Anti-Static430 g/m² (12.7oz), 480 g/m² (14.2oz)155cmPolar Fleece
FR Fleece 300SModacrylic/Cotton/Anti-Static350 g/m² (10.4oz)155cmSingle Fleece
FR Fleece 300S PlusModacrylic/Aramid/Cotton/Anti-Static350 g/m² (10.4oz)155cmSingle Fleece
FR Fleece 400SModacrylic/Cotton/Anti-Static410 g/m² (12oz)155cmSingle Fleece
FR Fleece 300MModacrylic/Cotton/Spandex/Anti-Static300 g/m² (8.85oz)155cmMicro Fleece
FR Fleece 350MModacrylic/Cotton/Spandex/Anti-Static350 g/m² (10.4oz)155cmMicro Fleece

Flame Retardant Polar Fleece Fabric

Polar Fleece Type

Garmetn use: Jacket, Underwear

Target Fields: Oil & Gas, Utilities, Military

Flame Retardant Single Fleece Fabric

Single Fleece Type

Garment use: Hoodie, Sweater

Target Fields: Oil & Gas, Utilites, 


Flame Retardant Micro Fleece Fabric

Micro Fleece Type, Woven-like facing

Garment use: Hooded Jacket

Target Fields: Oil & Gas, Utilities

Custom Make Your Fabrics

Our sales reps. would love to help you choose the right fabrics for your specific needs. We are able to custom make fabric to meet your safety protections.