Power of Modacrylic

We manufacture all our flame retardant knitted and woven fabrics with modacrylic fiber blends. The protective clothing and workwear made from our FR fabrics are capable to provide superior protection and true comfort to wearers, when they are exposed to hazardous working environments.


When producing FR workwear comfort to wear, modacrylic is probably the best choice to mix with other natural fiber or high-performance materials. With our knowledge and years of experience in modacrylic textiles processing, we engineer the fabrics to offer you tested FR protection with comfort, abrasion-resistance, lightweight, breathability, thermal, moisture-wicking, etc.

Garment makers apply our fabrics to flame-resistant clothing, are capable of passing Europe, USA & CA, and other global PPE standards.

Garment Use: Polo / T-Shirt / Sweatshirt / Hoodie / Fleece / Underwear / Coverall / Jacket / Pants / FR Accessorie

Comfort FR Solution for your daily workwear

Wide range of flame retardant fabric developed based on modacrylic


What is Modacrylic?

Modacrylic is a synthetic copolymer, which is modified from acrylic. It’s composed of less than 85% synthetic polymer and at least 35% acrylonitriles. The first modacrylic fiber was introduced in 1949. Although many later followers produced, only two major players on the market, which are still in production nowadays. Fushun in China, and Kanekaron in Japan. 

Mod-Acrylic, as the name implies, it’s modified acrylic, just added with a certain amount of polymers containing flame retardant element, its FR properties are naturally part of the copolymer backbone. The fabric made from modacrylic fiber has built-in flame retardancy, can never be worn away or washed out.

Characteristic :

√ Inherent flame retardant, no melt, no drip
√ Touch soft, resilient, non-allergenic
√ Superior resistance to chemicals and solvents
√ Easy processing, dyed easily and allowed to be blended with other flammable fibers.
√ Wide range of applications, not only protective clothing but also for home textiles, industrial textiles, interior textiles.

How it works?

As known to all, The Fire Triangle – Fuel, Oxygen, and Ignition Temperature are three elements necessary for combustion. No combustion can occur without all three of these essentials.

  1. When modacrylic blends contact to a heat source and get burning, the inert gas is released, it forces the oxygen out of the burning surface, slowing the combusting process;
  2. The flaming modacrylic blends will be no melting and carbonized with no dripping. Therefore, no debris sticking to the skin, and a protection barrier formed, which keeps the air out, to stop spreading the flame once the ignition source removed.
Index Type LusterDennier x Cut LengthTenacity (cN/dtex)Elonglation (%)Boiling Shrinkage (%)Length Variation (%)Rate of Dyeing
LOI 28Bright
1.5D X 38MM
2D X 38MM
3D X 64MM
5D X 64MM
8D X 64MM
LOI 32Bright
1.5D X 38MM
2D X 38MM
2D X 51MM

For full technical sheet, applications, availability and price quotes, please contact our representative sales or send your request to info@modacrylic.cn


Over the years, we distribute modacrylic fibers to specialist producers who manufacture flame retardant garments, industrial textiles, home textiles, etc. And we've been working closely with them for applying and processing the fibers. If you need the fiber for your trial production, we are right here!